11 October 2019
Young Progressive Politicians at the heart of our European Week of Regions and Cities

Young Progressive Politicians at the heart of our European Week of Regions and Cities

European Week of Regions and Cities

More than 50 young progressive local and regional politicians from all over Europe joined the PES Group’s activities during the 2019 European Week of Regions and Cities, a week full of workshops, political debates and exchanges.

On Monday, during the opening session of the European Week, Laura Sparavigna, local councillor from Florence, took part in the debate with, among others, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions, and the European Parliament’s Vice-President Klára Dobrev, calling for more European solidarity to deliver a better future for all its citizens.

She was joined by PES Group member Isabelle Boudineau, Vice-President of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council (France), and other Young Elected Politicians, who called for a strong future regional investments,  in which no one and no region is left behind, as part of a Progressive Green New Deal.


On Tuesday, the Young Elected Politicians had the chance to assist to the election of the new PES Group President: Christophe Rouillon, Mayor of Coulaines (France) and its First Vice-President, Yoomi Renström, Mayor of Ovanåker (Sweden).

They also had an exchange of views about the role of young progressive politicians in making Europe more sustainable.

On Wednesday, the Young Elected Politicians took part in a visit to the S&D Group in the European Parliament, where they were welcomed by the Group President Iratxe Garcia Perez, MEPs Brando Benifei, Alicia Homs Ginel, Udo Bullmann and several national delegations.

To conclude the rich week of events, they took a very active part in the PES Group's workshop on Local.Social.Sustainable: How can the European Union help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?, where Maria Kakali, Mayor of Agios Efstratios, Elena Piastra, Mayor of Settimo Torinese and PES Group member Basílio Horta, Mayor of Sintra, Paul Magnette, Mayor of Charleroi, presented inspiring local stories of building sustainable communities.

The ingredients of success for a Progressive Green New Deal were then debated by PES Group member Peter Kurz, Mayor of Mannheim, French MEP Pierre Larrouturou, as well as Liina Carr, Confederal Secretary of the European Treaded Unions Confederation.


Iratxe García Pérez, President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, and PES Group President Christophe Rouillon concluded the event by stressing the need for a closer cooperation between the two groups and by stressing that Young Elected Politicians play a vital role in making Europe more sustainable and fit for the future!

It was a full week, but it was just another milestone in our fight for a more progressive and sustainable Europe, that we can build only from the ground up and only with the ideas, energy and engagement of the many young progressive local and regional leaders we met this week.