#SocialEurope | Join our campaign to make Social Europe a reality for all

Despite the European Union’s commitment to leave no one behind, millions of people all over Europe are falling victim to job losses and are experiencing the many facets of inequality and exclusion. 

We can no longer accept this. 

As socialist and social democrats we strive to create inclusive labour markets where everyone enjoys fair opportunities and conditions. We champion equality, ensuring every individual has the chance to thrive, regardless of their background. We work towards a society where everyone is protected, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity.

As progressive regional and local leaders, we have committed to going the extra mile for a strong social Europe that cares about all, be it by initiating local initiatives that ensure decent wages for workers, by promoting decent and accessible housing for all, or by promoting inclusive child education. We are championing social progress in cities and regions all over Europe, both through our inspiring vision and concrete action.

But we can't walk this extra mile alone! During the next European term of office, we need a commitment from the European Union to truly implement the principles of the Social Rights Pillar. 

Together, let's make Europe a champion of social progress!

Tell us your #ProgressiveLocalStories!

Is your city or region running the extra mile for Europe and do you have an inspiring story to share? We want to know more! Get in touch with us at pes-group@cor.europa.eu. You can be inspired by the many stories already collected below.


© Photo credits: unsplash / Steven Lelham