11 October 2017
Regions must be empowered to become globalisation-resilient

Regions must be empowered to become globalisation-resilient

Plenary session of the European Committee of the Regions

"Globalisation and international trade have boosted Europe's economic growth and competitiveness. At the same time, having different effects on different regions, these phenomena have increased inequalities. We therefore need to join forces at all levels of government to support a path to globalisation through protection and social welfare rights for all, and not just through boosting the markets", Micaela Fanelli, Mayor of Riccia (PES/Italy), told today CoR members.

Responding to the European Commission's Reflection Paper on Harnessing Globalisation, her opinion on Strengthening territorial resilience: empowering regions and cities to face globalisation calls for a holistic EU strategy aimed at ensuring a fairer distribution of the benefits of globalisation based on three main pillars: a pro-active strategy on improving skills, knowledge, infrastructure and thus regional comp​etitiveness; a mitigation strategy including a profoundly reformed European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGAF), and a participative strategy built on democratic accountability. 

The rapporteur makes concrete policy recommendations in a series of areas, including trade and industrial policies, social policy, migration, the Common Agriculture Policy, and cohesion policy. "When negotiating international trade agreements, the EU must empower its citizens by promoting transparency, workers protection and services of public interest, thereby ensuring that the division between the poor and the rich doesn't get any wider. Likewise, we need to push for a strong common policy on asylum and legal migration, build regional and local partnerships with third countries and contribute to the implementation of the UN development goals". 

Micaela Fanelli's opinion was adopted by an overwhelming majority in the CoR's plenary session.