13 June 2017
Nicosia Initiative: Cooperation with Libyan local authorities is essential for stabilising the country

Nicosia Initiative: Cooperation with Libyan local authorities is essential for stabilising the country

In the framework of the Nicosia initiative, PES member Franco Iacop, President of the Regional Council of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy) and CoR rapporteur on the Next steps for a sustainable European future – European action for sustainability, will be welcoming from 13-15 June a delegation of Libyan Mayors in his home region in Italy.

Being the first PES member to take part in the Initiative, President Iacop underlined that: "Global challenges call for global alliances, but also for local responses. The Nicosia Initiative is a great example of how local and regional authorities can have a real added-value, through tools such as city diplomacy and decentralised cooperation. It is only by working together on the ground that the EU will be able to find sustainable responses to the migration crisis, human trafficking, existing wars and to the threat of terrorism. My region is looking forward to helping the Libyan partners in creating employment opportunities for the younger generations, especially in the fishing sector, and thereby offering them a brighter future in their home country". 

He went on adding that "I hope that this action encourages more of my PES colleagues to participate in this important initiative that aims at bringing hope to the Libyan citizens".

After the meeting with President Iacop, the delegation will spent three days in the region in order to visit a diverse number of towns that have a long tradition in fisheries and will learn how to establish well-functioning coop​eratives which allow for the creation of jobs in their home cities. 

With the 'Nicosia Initiative​', the European Committee of the Regions aims at strengthening Libyan municipalities through networking, exchange and effective cooperation with their European counterparts. Numerous training sessions have been already organised for Libyan municipalities in cooperation with European cities and regions on topics such as water or waste management, financial management or management of health care centres.