Friday 3 March 2023

It's women's time! Ending gender inequality and violence in every place | PES Group event, Valencia

It's women's time! Ending gender inequality and violence in every place | PES Group event, Valencia

16.00 - 21.30
Palacio de la Exposición Carrer de Galícia, 3 46010 València
from: English
to: Spanish, French, German and Italian


The pandemic has further exacerbated gender inequalities, with many women becoming full-time home carers and educators, while providing the majority of essential services outside the home.

At the same time, incidents of domestic violence rose dramatically during the lockdowns. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) highlights in its Gender Equality Index 2022 that the EU's 2022 score is still far behind acceptable figures.

Progressive locally and regionally elected politicians can and do make a difference when it comes to designing and implementing effective gender equality measures, thus contributing to a feminist vision of the European Union that safeguards achievements so far and pushes for faster progress in gender equality. They have also a key role to play in the fight against gender-based violence as many of their decisions have a direct impact on the different genders.

The PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions, together with PES Group member Ximo Puig I Ferrer, President of Valencia Region, are proud to invite you to join the public event "Gender inequalities and violence – Regional and local solutions", which will take place in Valencia, Spain, on Friday 3 March 2023 from 16:00 to 20:30.

The event will bring together PES Group members, European Commissioners, members of the European Parliament, young progressive local and regional politicians, activists, experts and citizens to discuss good practices and reflect upon innovative solutions on the ground around two round table discussions. The focus will be on women's economic and social empowerment and on the elimination of gender-based violence.


The event is organised with the support of PSOE Group of the city of Valencia and sees the involvement of five progressive partners: the Young European Socialists (YES), the Party of European Socialists (PES), PES Women, Foundation for Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the S&D Group in the European Parliament.

Study visits

On Friday 3 March, the Socialists Group in the Valencia Regional Parliament and the PSOE Valencia are inviting the members of the European Committee of the Regions and PES Women will visit is one of the most innovative and advanced in Spain, and is currently being developed by the regional government of Valencia in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior. It offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary service of assistance to victims of gender-based violence and facilitates the process of reporting criminal acts. It provides personalised attention to victims by specialised personnel, accompanying them throughout the reporting process, thus providing the best conditions for an effective outcome and allow a centralization of the complaints in an office attended by specialised agents and with the support of a team of psychologists and social workers. In this way, it is intended to address the problem in a comprehensive way, paying attention to safety, psychological and social factors.

This study visit will start at 11:00 a.m., from the Palace of the exhibition (11:00 - 12:00 p.m.) to the Justice Palace. A shuttle will take half of the participants at 12:00 p.m. and the other half at 12:30 p.m. to visit this center near the Justice Palace.

#ProgressivesSpeakUp School 2023

Together with our partners, we will have the opportunity to host, in the afternoon of 2 March and in the morning of 3 March, the fourth edition of the #ProgressivesSpeakUp: School of young local and regional politicians.

PES Women Statutory Meeting

In the margins of the PES Group event, PES Women will meet on Thursday 2 March to hold a Statutory Meeting





  • Christophe Rouillon, President of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions and Mayor of Coulaines, France
  • Sandra Gómez, Vice-Mayor of Valencia, Spain
  • Ana Dominguez, Vice-Secretary General of the PSOE in Valencia, Spain

Video message

  • Iratxe García Pérez, President of the S&D Group of the European Parliament and First Vice-President of the Party of European Socialists

Key note speech

  • Katarina Barley, Executive Vice-President of the Party of European Socialists and Vice-President of the European Parliament


Round table discussion "Women's economic and social empowerment"



  • Sergi Pitarch, Journalist


What's at stake?

  • María Such, Director General of the Valencian Institute for Women



  • Lina Gálvez Muñoz, S&D Member of the European Parliament
  • Victor Camino, Secretary of the Socialist Youth Movement, Spain
  • Yoomi Renström, First Vice-President of the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions and Mayor of Ovanåker, Sweden
  • Arianna Censi, City Councillor in charge of mobility in Milan, Italy and Member of the European Committee of the Regions


Coffee Break


Key note speech

  • Ximo Puig i Ferrer, President of the Regional Government of Valencia, Spain, Member of the European Committee of the Regions


Family photo


Communication form the Minister in charge of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain

  • Diana Morant


Round table discussion "Elimination of gender-based violence"



  • Sergi Pitarch, Journalist



  • Alicia Homs Ginel, S&D Member of the European Parliament, President of Young European Socialists
  • Pascal Smet, State Secretary of Brussels-Capital Region in charge of Urbanism, European and International Relations, Belgium, Member of the European Committee of the Regions
  • Antje Grotheer, Vice-President of Bremen State Parliament, Germany, Member of the European Committee of the Regions
  • Gabriela Bravo, Regional Minister in charge of Justice, Interior Affairs and Public Administration in the Regional Government of Valencia, Spain



  • Vasco Alves Cordeiro, President of the European Committee of the Regions


Launch of the campaign on safety for women

  • Christophe Rouillon, PES Group President of the European Committee of the Regions and Mayor of Coulaines, France
  • Zita Gurmai, President PES Women  
    + signing of the resolution of Valencia by Sandra Gómez, Vice-Mayor of Valencia, Spain


Walking Dinner


Let's party!

Upper Club (Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 40, 46005 València)