Tuesday 19 July 2022

18-19 July | PES Group Study Visit in Constanța (Romania)

18-19 July | PES Group Study Visit in Constanța (Romania)

07.00 - 14.30
Hotel Continental Forum Constanta Strada Mircea cel Bătrân 39-41 900658 Constanța
from: EN-FR-RO

In its resolution on 27 April 2022, the European Committee of the Regions solemnly condemned the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 by the Russian Federation supported by Belarus. After several months of war in the European soil, the situation is not getting better. As PES Group of the European Committee of the Regions, we want to do more for Ukraine.

For this, following the invitation of Ms. Mariana Gâju, Mayor of Cumpăna, a PES Group study visit has been organised on 18 and 19 July in Constanța (Romania) and Tulcea, at the Ukrainian border, in order to assess how the EU is welcoming and handling the flux of refugees from Ukraine and to identify what the EU could do more and better to help Ukrainian people and Ukraine to recover from the war.

Constanța is not just a city at the Ukrainian-Romanian border, it is a place where European solidarity is embodied. There, military contingents for different EU Member States are stationed to protect our continent from the Russian aggression. There, there is a port which could help Ukraine exporting its wheat and other agricultural products to finance the war effort. There is also a population welcoming and taking care of Ukrainian people massively arriving to flee from the horror of the war.

The event will consist in two phases:

  • On 18 July at 17:00 EEST, citizens' debate (EN-RO-FR) with Victor Negrescu, Member of the European Parliament, followed by an official dinner in the Restaurant Gociman Mamaia, (Str. Mamaia, Mamaia, 900001). The transfer between the hotel and the place of the restaurant will be organised by us;
  •  On 19 July in the morning, a study visit will be organised in the refugees centre of Tulcea, at the Ukrainian border, and a lunch will be organised with the refugees. The event will end at 16:00 EEST.


Please note that this event is by invitation only.

You can help!

You can send products of first need for the refugees. We have been informed that they mainly need non-perishable food products: flour, corn, canned food, oil. They also need hygiene products, baby products and medicines. The packages should be sent to the Cumpăna City Hall: Strada Constanței 132, Cumpăna 907105, Romania, with the mention "PES Ukraine Study Visit" before 10 July.

Draft programme



18 JULY 2022

12.00 - 17.00 – Arrival of guests, Hotel Continental Forum Constanţa

17.00 - 19.00 – Local Dialogue "Future of Europe" organised by Mariana Gâju with PES Group President Christophe Rouillon and MEP Victor Negrescu

20.00 – Official Dinner, Restaurant Gociman Mamaia, (Str. Mamaia, Mamaia, 900001). The transfer between the hotel and the place of the restaurant will be organised by us;

19 JULY 2022

7.00 - 8.45 – Breakfast, Hotel Continental Forum Constanţa

9.00 – Departure from Constanța, Hotel Continental Forum

10.30 – Meeting with Mr. Horia Teodorescu – President of Tulcea County Council, Tulcea County Council

11.15 – Departure from Tulcea towards Isaccea

12.15 – Arrival Isaccea border crossing

  • Visit border crossing
  • Meeting the Ukrainian refugees

13.30 – Departure towards Jurilovca, Tulcea county or to Bucharest Airport  

14.30 -  Lunch in Jurilovca, Tulcea county