17 May 2018
Brexit talks must ensure more clarity for cities and regions

Brexit talks must ensure more clarity for cities and regions

Plenary session of the European Committee of the Regions

The CoR adopted today a resolution on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, focusing on the impact on regions and cities, measures needed to minimise the negative effects of Brexit, and the need for clarity on the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

Commenting on the resolution, PES Group President Catiuscia Marini emphasised: "The UK's departure from the EU will have a major impact on cities and regions across the EU. We urge the EU Member States as well as the EU institutions to ensure that local and regional authorities are not left to their own devices to deal with these challenges, which should be mitigated as far as possible through a positive future relationship".

The CoR reiterates​  the key importance of averting any discrimination of EU and UK citizens as well as a hard border in Ireland, and of maintaining the possibility for cooperation between sub-national authorities of the UK and EU Member States post-Brexit.

In view of the new Multiannual Financial Framework, CoR members stress that European Territorial Co-operation programmes such as Interreg as well as the Common Agriculture Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy, are essential policy instruments for EU local and regional authorities to address adverse consequences of the UK's withdrawal.

Last but not least, the resolution recalls that the ongoing negotiations about Brexit and the future relations with the UK show to citizens the importance and added value of EU membership; in this sense, they also represent an opportunity to relaunch European integration as an inclusive and open process for building a fairer and better European Union, based on common values and the promotion of multi-level governance.

Over the past 14 months, the CoR has conducted a range of surveys involving its members, local and regional authorities and local chambers of commerce,   commissioning also a study on the implications of Brexit for regional economies. On 22-23 May, the presidents of the CoR's political groups will travel to the Republic of Ireland to meet the local government association.