18 September 2017
We need a new European mindset on waste-to-energy

We need a new European mindset on waste-to-energy

Meeting of the CoR's ENVE commission

Hungarian PES member Kata Tűttö, Councillor of District 12, Budapest, presented her draft opinion on "The role of waste-to-energy in the circular economy" during today's ENVE commission meeting.

​The rapporteur stresses the role of local and regional authorities in achieving the EU's common waste management objectives, pointing to the fact that it is the local authorities who will have to implement the decisions taken in the first place. 

​​Moreover, the European Commission and the Member States will have to ensure that local and regional authorities are included in the drawing up of any strategy, as well as in the adoption of technical and financial measures. Particular attention should be paid to the prevention and the awareness rising on the crucial role of waste-to-energy as an intermediate step towards sustainable and circular economy. Local authorities should be involved in the development of education and training measures to improve the knowledge of the public and of economic operators about waste reduction and their responsibility towards the environment.

Finally, the European Commission has to take into account the cultural differences between Member States and regions, before proposing policies designed to change people's behavior. 

​The draft opinion will be adopted at the November 2017 CoR plenary session.