Strong PES footprint in CoR resolution on the 2016 Annual Growth Survey

​CoR members gathering at their plenary session in Brussels adopted today a resolution on the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) 2016, which points to the need to ensure a structured involvement of regional and local authorities in the European Semester, the yearly cycle of economic policy coordination within the European Union which sets out general economic priorities for the EU and provides Member States with policy guidance. The resolution also calls for the proposed Structural Reforms Support Programme (SRSP) to later become available also to regional and local authorities. It also calls for a 'golden rule' for public accounting to keep long-term investments separate from current expenditure.

The PES Group succeeded in anchoring a series of key requests in the  text of the resolution, that is: recalling the detailed proposals made in December 2014 in the CoR opinion on the quality of public spending  (rapporteur: PES Group President Catiuscia Marini); asking for interlinking the AGS and the single market governance; regretting a lack of reference in the AGS to the role of social services; and finally, taking up certain proposals of the independent AGS launched by the S& Group in the European Parliament.

The PES Group will follow up its requests with the European Parliament's rapporteur on the topic, Maria Joao Rodrigues (S&D/PT), who will lead the vote at the March EP plenary session. 

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