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echoes, the CoR PES Group e-Newsletter (Nr. 8 - June 2015)



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Nr. 14 Newsletter of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions June 2016

Beyond the inestimable material damage caused by youth unemployment, there is a worrying disaffection of young people with mainstream politics and the European project. But before attempting to restore young people’s trust in the EU, there is an urgent need to take decisive measures to empower them to fully participate in economic life.




Dear friends,
As I am writing this piece, we are approaching the referendum in the United Kingdom on 23rd June on whether the British citizens want to remain part of the European project or not. To be honest, I am torn between two different points of view on this matter:...
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"Sustainable steel production needs effective measures against unfair imports", Isolde Ries tells Commissioner Bieńkowska
Accompanied by 163 steel workers of her own region to the CoR plenary session, Isolde Ries recalled that many steel-producing regions all over Europe are affected by the current crisis and called for a European response and faster, more effective trade defence instruments.


PES sets milestones in CoR resolution on 2017 political priorities
Adopted in view of the publication of the European Commission's Work Programme 2017 the resolution calls for a European Pillar of Social Rights and a new long-term strategy for the EU's sustainable development until 2030.


PES Group members stress that Europe is not all about its Christian roots
Following a heated debate on enlargement policy in the CoR's plenary session, PES member Albert Bore emphasised that 'Europe needs to reflect a wide set of cultural inheritances. "Only by doing so will we create a more tolerant Europe for all those who live in the EU Member States, and for those willing to join our project", he said.


We need to invest in local authorities to solve Europe's problems", argues António Vitorino
The President of the European think tank Notre Europe and former European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs joined the PES Group for a debate on the future of the European Union. Stressing the role of cities in regions in integrating refugees, he called for more investment in resources for local authorities.


"Measuring the quality of life in our regions must be based on multidimensional indicators", emphasises Olga Zrihen
Reacting to the intervention of the OECD Deputy Secretary-General Mari Kiviniemi, the Group's Vice-President stressed the need and for a multidimensional and regionalised approach to measuring progress, and which takes into account economic, social and environmental aspects.


"We need a paradigm shift in food waste policy in order to tackle overproduction", says Karsten Uno Petersen
Taking the floor in response to the European Commissioner responsible for Health and Food Safety, Petersen stressed the importance of reducing food waste through European rules and regulations. "We need to move from selling as much as possible to selling better and avoid overproduction", he underlined.






Local and regional representatives across the EU are responsible for the implementation of around 70% of EU legislation. This is why the outcome of local and regional elections is of particular relevance to the lives of EU citizens. Discover in which cities and regions elections will take place in 2016…
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echoes, the Newsletter of the PES Group
in the Committee of the Regions
Issue Nr 14 - June 2016

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