Nr 16 Newsletter of the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions Dec. 2016

"Promoting a Europe without borders" is the key message of the winning pictures of the 2016 PES Group photo competition

On 7 December, Olga Zrihen, Member of the Wallonia Parliament, Belgium, and President of the Jury, awarded the prizes to the 3 jury winners of the 9th edition of the CoR PES Group photo competition "Imagine Europe without borders".

This year's entries demonstrate that citizens are concerned about the new borders that are currently built in Europe, be it physical or social borders, or the ones in our heads. At the same time, they show that only by entering into dialogue with the others can we recognize that diversity makes us stronger.


Dear friends,
In a year that has seen the Brexit referendum, a devastating earthquake affecting many regions in Italy, a US election campaign which has brought up many ugly things, and just a couple of days ago, a hard-fought and to many (including myself) disappointing referendum in Italy, we have to remind ourselves that these events are just one part of the story…


CoR PES Group takes active part in the PES Council in Prague
Led by PES Group Vice-President Albert Bore, a delegation of PES Group members participated in the plenary debates as well as in several workshops organised alongside the 2016 PES Council, held on 2-3 December in Prague.  


Progressive cities and regions are key ambassadors of the European Youth Plan
Addressing PES Group members at their Group meeting, PES President Sergei Stanishev underlined that cities and regions can play a vital role in involving young Europeans in the newly launched PES European Youth Plan campaign and in giving them tangible perspectives.


"The EU has to deliver on solidarity", PES leadership in the CoR tells Commissioner Timmermans 
Taking the floor in response to Commissioner Timmermans' intervention, the Group’s First Vice-President, Markus Töns, warned that the concept of solidarity, which is the very essence of our European project, is currently being questioned, and urged the EU to stand up for its values and fundamental rights.


The migration challenge calls for a strong European response
Reacting to the intervention of Commissioner Avramopoulos at the CoR plenary session, Enzo Bianco, rapporteur on the Reform of the Common European Asylum System, urged for common European rules and appropriate resources to ensure a humane reception and treatment of asylum requests.


Free movement of services must not undercut the protection of posted workers
Insisting on the fact that a common definition of the rules applicable to the posting of workers can be better achieved at EU level, CoR rapporteur Yoomi Renström formulates a number of key demands to the European Commission, with the aim of better guaranteeing the rights of workers when posted to another EU country.


The sharing economy must be based on legal certainty and fair competition
Emphasising that the sharing economy offers great opportunities for cities and regions, CoR rapporteur Benedetta Brighenti highlights the need to tackle persisting legal uncertainties in a coordinated way and to build a new single market for the collaborative economy.


New AVMSD should address media ownership transparency, media concentration and conflicts of interest
CoR rapporteur Jácint Horváth welcomes the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), but underlines the need to guarantee the diversity of information and a pluralistic media market in the EU, while safeguarding the independence of national regulatory authorities.


Swift and effective implementation of New Skills Agenda crucial for EU
Arguing that investment in human capital should be seen as social investment, CoR rapporteur Marie-Louise Rönnmark calls for a clear link between efforts to identify skills and subsequent educational measures in the form of personalized learning plans, to be supported by a series of measures at local and regional level.


Empowering small-scale coastal fisheries is key to the EU's fisheries policy
While welcoming the European Commission's new framework proposal for technical conservation measures as an important step towards simplification and regionalisation of the European Common Fisheries Policy, CoR rapporteur Emily Westley calls for a better focus on small-scale fisheries.



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