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Nr 19 Newsletter of the PES Group
in the European Committee of the Regions
May 2017

Dear friends,
We – that is the European Union and all those who support the European project – have bought ourselves some time with the recent election in France of Emmanuel Macron. Nothing more, nothing less. Averting the victory of the extreme right of Marine Le Pen is a sign that not all is lost in the political debate about the European Union……


Social rights are back on the European agenda, but concrete action is now needed
Addressing PES Group members gathering at their Group meeting, MEP Jutta Steinruck stressed the need for a comprehensive EU social policy agenda, which will ensure decent working conditions and access to social protection for all.


Europe needs a "social cure"
Reacting to the intervention of Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, Catiuscia Marini called for a "social cure" for Europe, which would take into account the needs of young people and of migrants, and particularly of unaccompanied minors.


Fighting Eurosceptic populism starts by addressing the local impact of globalisation
Taking the floor in response to Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness of the European Commission, Markus Töns, First Vice-President of the PES Group in the CoR, called for greater efforts in terms of territorial assessments of globalization policies.


A strong EU budget is a precondition for a greater social cohesion in our cities and regions
Intervening in the debate with Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, PES member Isabelle Boudineau urged for a strong EU budget for the EU's future cohesion policy, which is the most visible EU action on the ground.


Early integration of local and regional dimension, a precondition for the
success of bioeconomy policies

The opinion by PES member Katrin Budde makes the case for the expansion of bio-economy in both rural and urban areas, on the basis of policies designed to address geographical or other kind of specificities.


The blue economy can play a key role in relaunching the European project
Underlining the fact that the blue economy is an incredible source for job creation, PES rapporteur Christophe Clergeau proposes ambitious steps for an integrated European maritime policy, taking into account economic, social and environmental factors.



Newsletter of the PES Group
in the European Committee of the Regions
Issue Nr 19 - May 2017


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