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echoes, the CoR PES Group e-Newsletter (Nr. 8 - June 2015)



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Nr. 13 Newsletter of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions April 2016

Women refugees, who embark upon the perilous voyage to the EU, are re-inventing the Odyssey, surpassing the courage and resourcefulness of Homeric Ulysses. But their needs are different from those of male refugees, and this must be duly taken into account.




Dear friends,
The terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22nd, less than four months after those in Paris, and extending the bloody line from London, Madrid and many other places in Europe and all over the world, have shown how vulnerable we all are.
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"Terrorism and populism should not blind us", Martin Schulz tells CoR leaders
The President of the European Parliament stressed the need to continue with common European solutions, starting by tackling radicalisation, promoting education and social inclusion. "Only by acting together at every level can we make the European project stronger", he underlined.


PES Group unites to support UK membership of the EU
Addressing PES Group members at their Group meeting, Richard Corbett MEP stressed the progressive arguments for remaining in the EU. "Leaving the EU would only allow the British government to sign the UK up to bilateral agreements without the protections for workers and consumers that we have fought for and won", he warned.


"The EU Urban agenda must become a binding process", stresses Hella Dunger-Löper
Recalling that strong cities are crucial for EU social, economic and territorial cohesion, Hella Dunger-Löper calls for better coordination across governmental levels and the involvement of actors on the ground.


Single Market strategy: "We're still not in love with it, but we need it more than ever", says Alessandro Pastacci
Reiterating the importance of the European Single Market as key lever for job creation and growth, Alessandro Pastacci calls for economic and structural reforms aimed at removing barriers, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Reform of the EU Emission Trading System: "Cities and regions should benefit from financial gains", stresses Marco Dus
Stressing that local and regional authorities play a leading role in developing successful initiatives to combat climate change, Marco Dus calls for a more ambitious and forward-looking approach aimed at better delivering ETS reform on the ground.


"Regions and cities must be better involved in the European Commission's Structural Reform Support Programme", urges Olga Zrihen
Olga Zrihen insists that ownership of structural reforms on the ground, in particular through local and regional authorities and the social partners is essential for the programme to be successful.


"We need to talk about Europe at local level", argues Christophe Rouillon
Commenting on the first series of citizen's dialogues held in France, Christophe Rouillon highlights the need for a new way of communicating the European project, by actively involving the 100 000 municipalities and regions in Europe. "Dialogue is urgently needed to reconnect Europe with its citizens", he stressed.



What are borders? How do they affect our lives? What makes them 'real' or 'imaginary'? How are they changing? What does this mean for us as human beings and as citizens of our town, region, country or the EU?

Have your say on this very topical issue. Send us a photo, before 30 June depicting your interpretation of a 'Europe without borders' to win great prizes including a trip to Brussels for two and photographic equipment worth up to € 2,000.



Local and regional representatives across the EU are responsible for the implementation of around 70% of EU legislation. This is why the outcome of local and regional elections is of particular relevance to the lives of EU citizens. Discover in which cities and regions elections will take place in 2016…
Visit the website of the PES Group initiative "Progressive Cities and Regions"




echoes, the Newsletter of the PES Group
in the Committee of the Regions
Issue Nr 13 - April 2016

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