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Nr. 15 Newsletter of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions October 2016

Defending LGBTI rights happens at all political levels and it is the responsibility of each one of us. Making progressive laws is essential, as is fighting ankylosed social constructs. It is not just top politicians who have the privilege of the wizardry of change but ordinary people, including LGBTI, who can take forward integration.




Dear friends,
We have just celebrated the 'European Weeks of Regions and Cities' with hundreds of workshops on sustainable and inclusive growth and are more conscious than ever that there are no real alternatives to working together with democratic forces from all our countries, to share ideas and develop solutions together.
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Progressive local and regional representatives oppose the suspension of structural funds for Spain and Portugal
Taking the floor in response to Commissioner Crețu at the opening session of the European Week of Regions and Cities, PES Group President Catiuscia Marini underlined that macro-economic conditionality was seriously hampering the investment capacity of cities and regions


"Simplification is the key to a better delivery of the cohesion policy on the ground", argues Petr Osvald
Noting that cohesion policy was one of the few EU instruments that has a concrete and visible impact on citizens through projects implemented all over Europe, the PES rapporteur called for a simplification of the overall implementation system, increased flexibility and a better adaptation to the scale of the projects.


"Circular economy transition holds great potential for cities and regions", emphasises Babette Winter
Underlining that many cities and regions have already put in place concrete initiatives to promote resource efficiency and the circular economy, the CoR rapporteur stated that they are best placed to lead change on the ground by getting citizens on board for this enormous project.


"Empowering regions is a key to successfully implement the climate change targets", stresses Francesco Pigliaru
In view of the CoR's participation in the COP 22 climate change conference in Marrakesh in November, the CoR rapporteur recalled that cities and regions are key partners in reaching the ambitious climate change target agreed in Paris last December.


"Subsidiarity must not be used as an excuse to hold back the upward convergence of social rights in the EU", argues Heinz-Joachim Höfer
Noting that social peace is a precondition for sustainable growth, the rapporteur urged that a closer coordination of economic and fiscal policies in the Eurozone must go hand in hand with full consideration of the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union.


CoR calls for simpler EU state aid rules on public services and for more legal certainty


The CoR positions itself on the Multiannual Financial Framework review


The CoR adopts a resolution on the 2017 Annual Growth Survey

Investment in cycling must become a cornerstone of the EU's transport policy


European Neighbourhood Policy can only have a lasting effect if it brings benefits to citizens


Greater interoperability and data sharing can help improve the delivery of public services in Europe






Local and regional representatives across the EU are responsible for the implementation of around 70% of EU legislation. This is why the outcome of local and regional elections is of particular relevance to the lives of EU citizens.
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echoes, the Newsletter of the PES Group
in the Committee of the Regions
Issue Nr 15 - October 2016

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