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Nr 23 Newsletter of the PES Group
in the European Committee of the Regions
December 2017

There is always hope - Fighting child poverty in the EU


There are 26 million children currently at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU but only genuine upward convergence can effectively address this multi-faceted phenomenon that puts to the test the very essence of social Europe.


European Photo competition "My Europe, my rights"
Award ceremony

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Dear friends,
In these editorials, I do not normally focus too much on political events in one or the other particular country, because the European Union is made up of 28 of them, in each country at any given moment there are important events, but we have to keep all of the EU in view and look at what unites us, rather than at the differences…


PES Group calls for strong progressive line on cohesion policy at PES Council in Lisbon


Brexit: What is the impact on the EU's cities and regions?


The reform of the EMU must boost the investment capacity of regions and cities

Guaranteeing affordable housing for all needs to become a European priority


Waste incineration is only an intermediary step towards the circular economy


Better work-life balance contributes to gender equality and countries' fiscal sustainability



Newsletter of the PES Group
in the European Committee of the Regions
Issue Nr 23 - December 2017




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