Recent events including the abuse of power, violence and attacks on essential values 
in Europe and beyond show that nothing, not even our most fundamental rights, must be
taken for granted. Fundamental human rights that were developed as universal and indivisible protection mechanisms are being challenged by political ideologies and actions.

​Do we have to give up certain rights to keep others? Are there rights only for some, ​​​but​ not for all?

​Take your camera and show us what rights mean to you and where they might be be under threat. llustrate what Europe means in terms of protecting and living rights that in many parts of the world are only a dream.

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And the winners are...

First prize


 Antje Bücker

Haltern am See, Germany

Wins a trip for 2 to Brussels plus photographic equipment worth 2 000 €.​




« The threat and impri​sonment of journalists in totalitarian regimes shows how fragile the right to information is when it is not convenient for those who are in power. We must not allow that journalism in Europe becomes a life-threatening undertaking. »​


Second prize


David Taquin

Frameries, Belgium



Wins a trip for 2 to Brussels plus photographic equipment worth 1 500 €.



« This photo was taken during a citizens gathering in Mons as a support to Aleppo, Syria, which was under
the bombs. A little girl with a 'peace' sign in front of white cloths symbolising the dead. »



Third prize


Adela Nistora

Brad, Romania


Wins a trip for 2 to Brussels plus photographic equipment worth 1 000 €.



« ​During a visit of Amsterdam in 2015, I fell in love with the European city, due to its inclusive and progressive culture, where LGBT people can feel at home, and its philosophy
geared towards sustainability.






Public Prize


Borbála Borsos


Veresegyház, Hungary


Wins plus photographic equipment worth 500 €.

Borbála's photo won by 1068 votes on our Facebook page.
(on 29.09.17 at 12pm, Brussels time).​



« ​​​It's not because my baby die that you need to treat is as trash. »​​​

The photo denounces the Hungarian maternity-care system which does not
pay enough attention to the well-being of new born babies and young parents.


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