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On 3 December, Jean-François Istasse, Alderman of the city council of Verviers, Belgium, and President of the Jury, awarded the prizes to the 3 jury winners of the 8th edition of the CoR PES Group photo competition "Living Together".

This competition had been launched as a reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. After a very difficult year for freedom, "Living Together", the theme of this year's edition, is – regrettably - more relevant than ever. 

The 3 jury winners of "Living Together" had been selected in October by a jury composed of CoR PES Group members and professionals in the field of photography.​

In addition to that, a public prize was voted for on our Facebook page (see photos here)​  ​between 1st and 15 October. 

The jury and the organisers of the photo competition would like to congratulate once again the winners of the competition and to thank all the participants for taking part in the adventure.

Read more about 'Living Together':


And the winners are...


First Prize

Anna De Nicolas

Age 28, Budapest, Hungary

Wins a 3-day trip for two persons to Brussels,
and photographic / electronic equipment worth 2,000 €.


Second Prize

Josef Hinterleitner

54 years old, Sierning, Austria

Wins a  3-day trip for two persons to Brussels,
and photographic / electronic equipment worth 1,500 €.


Third Prize

Laura Augustí

Age 24, Girona, Spain

Wins a  3-day trip for two persons to Brussels,
and photographic / electronic equipment worth 1,000 €.


Public Prize



years old, Sofia, Bulgaria

Wins photographic / electronic equipment worth 500 €.

About the​ competition​​

"Living together" is the theme of the 2015 edition of the PES Group's photo competition, which gives the chance to emerging and confirmed talents from all over ​Europe to capture through their lens images encapsulating one of the founding values of the European Union, that is, United in Diversity. 

All Europeans must be considered equal, regardless of their sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orien​tation. Equality and non-discrimination are fundamental principles which are enshrined in our European treaties and the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights, and they must not remain empty words but translate into everyday life, everywhere in the EU

At a moment when differences are exacerbated and fears stirred by some opportunist and populist movements throughout the EU and b​eyond, we, European Socialists and Progressives in the Committee of the Regions find it important to recall that li​ving together remains one of the EU's biggest a​ssets and a cornerstone of democratic societies.     ​


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