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Vote for your favourite photo now! 

To vote, simply "like" the photo(s) you want to vote for on the PES Group Facebook Official Page. You can like as many photos as you want.

if you don't see your photo here, it means you haven't been pre-selected. But don't worry, a new photo competition is coming March 2015, so you'll have a new opportunity to take part!

Please note that, as mentioned in article 3.5 of the rules of the competition:
"Any fraud or attempted frauds, for example purchasing Facebook "likes", will automatically exclude the participant concerned from the vote. However, they will still be able to compete for the prize awarded by the jury."

Please note that the online vote will close on 6 October at 6pm, Brussels time.

Good luck and thanks to all participants!

The photo competition team


Before entering the competition, please read carefully the rules, which are available in your language.

Conditions to enter:

  • Being resident in one of the
    28 EU Member States;
  • Being at least 18 years old;
  • Only one photo / entry per
    participant is allowed;
  • Being an amateur photographer. Professional photographers and anyone else working in the field of photography will be automatically excluded from the competition;

  • Entries must be submitted by
    30 June 2014 15 July 2014 at 23:59:59 CET



About the Competition


The competition is organised under the theme: "Jobs for Europe, Europe for Jobs".

Compliance with the theme of the competition is compulsory. Participants are asked to illustrate through a photography what they expect from or experience in the EU in terms of employment and job creation.

In order to help you find ideas for your photo, we have inflated an "Inspirational Cloud", that we invite you to read through.

How to enter
In order to enter the competition, simply fill in the online form below including your photo and click on "send". 

Important: your photo must be saved in JPG format and have your first and family name as filename (eg: mary-smith.jpg). The dimensions of your photo should be of 1200px wide max.

If you experience technical problems with the online form, you can use the simple email form.

For any other question, you can contact the photo competition team.


All winners will be awarded a 3 days trip for two persons to Brussels, capital of Europe. 

In addition, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • First prize
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 2,000.
  • Second prize
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 1,500.

  • Third prize
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 500.
  • Prize awarded by public vote
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 500

Winners will be announced by 31 October 2014.







The jury

The jury will meet on 6 October to select the 3 winners. Meet the jury...

Elisabeth Vitouch - President

Member of the Municipal Council of Vienna, member of the Committee of the Regions

Elisabeth Vitouch was born in 1951 in Vienna (Austria). She studied romance languages and has a Ph. D. in psychology. She became a member of the Vienna City Council in 2001 as well as of the Parliament as a spokesperson for the Austrian Social Democrats (SPÖ) in the fields of Science and Culture.

Elisabeth has also had an artistic career, having studied acting and vocal training. She was an actress in several TV shows and stage plays (notably at the National Theatre of Vienna) and has composed music for children. In addition to this, she has also worked as a radio journalist and TV presenter for a national Austrian broadcaster.

She is a jury member for the selection of the European Capital of Culture since 2010.

Stéphanie Bliard

Curator at the Museum of photography of Charleroi, Belgium

Stéphanie holds a degree in art history from the ULB University of Brussels, and a Masters degree in Digital Media from London University.

After finishing her studies, she started her professional career as stagiaire- assistant for the Photography Museum in Charleroi. She has also worked for a year and a half for the "Messen De Clercq", a Brussels-based art gallery. This experience allowed her to gain experience as an art journalist and to publish various articles for international magazines such as "ArtSlant", "Nextlevel", "Eyemazing" and "ArteNews".

She also specialised in marketing and communication by holding a degree at Ichec Enterprises and is currently working as one of the curator of the Museum of Photography of Charleroi, and as the Associate Editor of "Artexpo".

Paolo Verzone

Several time awarded photo reporter at Agence VU'

Agence VU' describes Paolo Verzone as an unclassified photographer which is something he likes.

Paolo Verzone has a background in journalism a field where he continues to work. He has undertaken large scale projects that take an in-depth look into today’s world. The most remarkable includes his survey of seaside bathers along the Italian, Lithuanian, French and Finnish coasts. The project spanned many years.

His intimate and strict portraits leave room for laughter while representing characters who become a funny but not always joyful reflection of our society. This “leisure society” he frames is neither in place or voided of its own caricature.

Vincent Marcilhacy

Managing editor of the photography journal "The Eyes - Europe & Photography"

Vincent Marcilhacy joined Agence VU 'in 1996 where he held several positions before creating the Department of Special Projects. In 2008, he created co-edited the photography magazine VU MAG. In 2009, he became Director of the Galerie VU 'founded in 1997.

In 2012, Vincent Marcilhacy founded Aman Iman Publishing. Since then, He has been editor, consultant and Managing Editor of the photography journal "The Eyes Europe & Photography".




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