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Recent events in the Mediterranean Sea off the coasts of the European Union have tragically reminded us that we are failing to date to protect the lives and fundamental rights of people who seek safety and opportunities in the EU.

Thousands of migrants have died over the years, not just on the European sea-borders, in the attempt to reach the EU for a number of different reasons – fleeing from direct political persecution, from war, from environmental degradation or from economic hardship.

The European response has been half-hearted: while some important steps have been taken since the Tampere Council in 1999 to develop a 'Common' European Asylum System, we still have no real European immigration policy, which would combine guarantees for asylum for those in most urgent need of protection with a credible system of legal immigration, with a system of receiving migrants based on genuine solidarity between the EU member states, and with active policies of cooperation with countries of origin and transit in trying to 'manage' migratory movements.

Local and regional authorities in all parts of the European Union are confronted with the challenges produced by the terribly slow progress at national and EU level. Local and regional authorities have to provide reception facilities, health care, access to education and housing for those who arrive, and they have to work with their local population to facilitate integration and acceptance.




Comittee of the Regions,
rue Belliard 101, 1040 Brussels
room JDE 70 (7th floor)
from   EN FR DE

Light walking lunch



Hosted by
Mark Rogerson

Director at Grapevine communications



Barbara Duden
1st Vice-president of the Hamburg Regional Parliament and of the CoR CIVEX Commission

Anna Terrón i Cusi
Spokesperson of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean  and former Spanish Secretary of State for Migration

Stefano Sannino
Permanent Representative of Italy to the European Union

Followed by a debate with the audience


End of works


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