The PES Group in the commissions of the Committee of the Regions

All PES Group Members take part in the works of at least one and usually two out of the 6 thematic CoR commissions, with some holding the presidency, first or second vice-presidencies.
Besides these functions, coordinators are appointed for each commission. The role of coordinators is to coordinates with the members of their commission, negotiate with their counterparts from other political groups a number of issues such as the appointment of rapporteurs or amendments, and ensure a common position of the Group during the votes in the commission and at the plenary session.

Coordinators are the official spokespersons of the PES Group on matters that are specific to their commission.
  • CIVEX: Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional & External Affairs


    • Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.
    • EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
    • Active Citizenship
    • European Communication Policy
    • Devolution
    • Constitutional Affairs and Treaty changes
    • Multi-level Governance
    • Better law-making (including the reduction of administrative burden and regulatory fitness)
    • Immigration Policy, Asylum and Visas
    • External Relations Policy
    • Enlargement
    • Neighbourhood Policy
    • Eastern Partnership
    • EU Mediterranean Policy
    • Decentralised Cooperation for Development
    • Security and border controls, fighting terrorism and radicalisation

    PES Group members in the CIVEX commission defend a European migration policy which is beneficial to both migrants and the host societies and offers safe, legal channels for immigration, in full respect of the fundamental rights and the principles of fair and equal treatment. The Group defends a fair common asylum policy which offers protection to those who need it, prevents the inacceptable loss of lives in trying to reach the EU and is based on solidarity between EU Member States and regions in receiving refugees and asylum seekers.

    The Group also fully supports the CoR's efforts to develop active European Union citizenship and seeks to ensure the involvement of local and regional authorities in EU decision-making. The PES Group advocates transparency, democracy and proportionality as key principles of governance which need to be promoted both in the multi-level governance system of the EU, and in the EU's external policy towards candidate countries, neighbourhood countries and the rest of the world. The PES Group also defends the CoR's role in promoting the principles of solidarity and equality in our external action, notably through our support to decentralised cooperation.

    Last but not least, the PES Group stands for a pro-active policy on communication with the European citizens. Local and regional authorities and the CoR have a role to play in informing citizens about the EU and echoing their concerns in the EU policy process.

    Contact persons in the PES Group secretariat:

    Justus Schônlau (Citizenship, Governance, Institutional Affairs)  
     +32 (0) 2 282 22 27   send e-mail

    Santiago Mondragón (External relations and Enlargement)
     +32 (0) 2 282 22 83   send e-mail

    Key positions held by PES Group members:​
  • Barbara Duden

  • Franco Iacop

    2nd Vice-chair
  • Peter Bossman

    PES Group coordinator

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