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Beyond its day-to-day "consultative" activities in analyzing and improving EU draft legislation, the CoR is mobilizing local and regional authorities across Europe on horizontal priorities with the support of interactive platforms. The CoR is running three platforms: one dedicated to Subsidiarity, one to Europe 2020 and one to EGTC. These platforms gather local and regional authorities, which are not necessarily represented within the CoR.

The Subsidiarity Monitoring Network (SMN)

The subsidiarity principle, as laid down in the Treaty on European Union (Article 5(3)), foresees that prior to any European legislation proof has to be brought that there is an added value on acting on a European level rather than on a national or regional or local level.

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) has obtained with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009 the right to bring an action before the EU Court of Justice on the grounds of infringement of the subsidiarity principle.

The CoR is therefore particularly dedicated to the monitoring of the subsidiarity principle both in the preparatory phase prior to the presentation of a Commission proposal as well as in phase of the legislative decision-making process. To this purpose the CoR has developed a Subsidiarity Monitoring Network (SMN) which counts 136 partners at regional and local level.

Contact person in the PES Group Secretariat:

Justus Schönlau  
 +32 (0) 2 282 22 27   send e-mail

Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform

Europe 2020 is a 10-year strategy proposed by the European Commission on 3 March 2010 for advancement of the economy of the European Union. It follows the Lisbon Strategy for the period 2000–2010. Europe 2020 aims at "smart, sustainable, inclusive growth" with greater coordination of national and European policy and is articulated around 7 flagship initiatives: "Resource efficient Europe" -  "An industrial policy for the globalisation era" - "An Agenda for new skills and jobs" - "European Platform against Poverty" - "Innovation Union" - "Youth on the move" - "A Digital Agenda for Europe".

The CoR defends the view that the Europe 2020 can succeed only if it properly takes into account the role and contribution of regions and cities as sub-national governments of the 27 Member States which, due to their respective national legislative competences, can bring a real added value to reach the Europe 2020 objectives.

To illustrate the challenges of Europe 2020's implementation on the ground and also to provide best practices, the CoR has set up a Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform http://portal.cor.europa.eu/europe2020/Pages/welcome.aspx, which gathers over 160 regional and local authorities in Europe.

The Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform is coordinated by Michel Delebarre (PES/France), Municipal Councillor of Dunkirk, who chairs the platform's Steering Committee.

The Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform has contributed to the mid-term review of Europe 2020.

Contact person in the PES Group Secretariat:

Matthieu Hornung  
 +32 (0) 2 282 25 78   send e-mail

EGTC Platform

The acronym 'EGTC' stands for 'European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation'. The EGTC is the first European cooperation structure with a legal personality defined by European Law, designed to facilitate and promote territorial cooperation (cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation). Its overall aim is to strengthen the economic and social cohesion of the EU.

EGTCs may carry out actions of territorial cooperation, with or without a financial contribution from the EU. There are currently some 50 EGTCs operating in the European Union to which more than 650 local and regional authorities in 19 Member States. Another 10 EGTCs are in the pipeline.

As one of the main political promoters of the EGTC, the CoR set up in January 2011 the EGTC Platform.

Contact person in the PES Group Secretariat:

Aliona Fornea  
 +32 (0) 2 282 25 70   send e-mail


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